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Jean Nouvel: Reflections
A film by Matt Tyrnauer

Jean Nouvel: Reflections, a film by Matt Tyrnauer (Valentino: The Last Emperor, and Citizen Jane: Battle for the City), invites viewers to step inside the works and mind of Jean Nouvel, arguably the world’s most important living architect. The documentary, which premiered at the 54th annual New York Film Festival in 2016, grants unprecedented insights into the creative processes, past works, and current projects of the Pritzker Prize-winning architect. A preview of the film is featured above.

With prodigious, iconic endeavors including The Louvre Abu Dhabi, The National Museum of China, and The National Museum of Qatar, Nouvel has changed global urban landscapes, reframing and reinvigorating modern cities and the ways that world-class art collections are housed, viewed, and appreciated.

Nouvel now turns his visionary and hyper-contextual energies to New York City’s 53W53, an architectural feat that will hold not only art, but also its appreciators. Directing his design expertise to a residential building unlike any other, Nouvel is creating a space that will reflect, welcome, and inspire new residents, as well as works from the neighboring Museum of Modern Art in three floors of galleries. In Jean Nouvel: Reflections, we get to know the mastermind behind 53W53, a tower that occupies a profound place not only in the lives of its residents, but also in the heart of New York City and in design history.